12 Tips for Keeping Up with Your Wellness Routine During the Holidays

Andy Williams sang the lines “It’s the most wonderful time of year” and though we agree with him wholeheartedly, it can also be the most stressful time of the year. 

Don’t fret, you can still maintain your wellness routine amid the chaos. Yes, we’re going to tell you how! We’ve listed 12 essential tips you can apply to your life to regain your balance for the remainder of the year and beyond.

1. First and foremost, stay hydrated

Yes, this may seem like a no-brainer…but why do you think there are so many water reminder apps? It’s because as women on-the-go, time slips by and you forget to take in H2O. Also, we mean quench your thirst with water... not booze and sugary hot cocoa. (Of course, we’re all about a good balance of both)


2. Don’t forget to take time for yourself

Now’s the time to truly take advantage of having time off from work outside of the usual weekends. Self-care is a must, so go ahead and indulge in a luxuriant bath, light your fave candle (we personally LOVE The Good Cande’s Namaste scented candle), and relax while you hydrate your skin with a revitalizing face mask. You deserve it, and you’re worth it!

3. Tackle your to-do list. 

The holidays are the perfect time to run all of the errands that have been piling up. Don’t go into the new year with this year’s bad habit of procrastinating. It’s a weight lifted when you’re able to even check off one task on your to-do list. If you need an extra incentive, opt to treat yourself to a reward (you choose) after completing each task.

 4. Give the gift that keeps on giving 

    Yep, we mean a sexy set of lingerie! Whether you’re spending the holidays with a partner or flying solo, a lingerie set is the perfect gift that will have you feeling, and looking, sexy. 

    5. Don’t break the internet, take a break from it.

    Let’s be real, when was the last time you turned off your phone? We’re bombarded by notifications and reminders to the point that it can become an addiction to constantly check your phone. Give it a rest. Besides, there's plenty of Netflix binging to engage in to keep you preoccupied without doing stuff for the ‘gram all day.

    6. Don’t leave reunions with friends and fam up for chance. Make a social schedule. 

    Bouncing around to see old friends and family can be super exhausting when you’re only in your hometown for a matter of days. Plan out your stops ahead of time so you can have enough quality time with everyone.

    7. Go ahead and treat yo self

    Don't skip the good stuff. Guilty pleasures don't have to be so guilty. Seriously. Granny only breaks out that famous pie of hers once a year. So, go and take an extra slice. You’ll run it off later! Which leads to…

    8. Put in work. Stick to a fitness program.

    Working out is one of the best, and most effective, ways to relieve stress … not to mention to balance out the holiday treats. Also, just because you have to swap your treadmill for the old high school football track doesn't mean you don't have to look cute. (That’s where we come in)

    9. … But don’t work TOO hard

    Holiday time is a time for rest and relaxation. Keep a balance of tips #2 and #8. Bake cookies and chill on the couch some nights. We give you permission.

    10. Plan your New Year's resolutions in advance, especially before you start your NYE drinking. Set your 2020 vision.

       Our Facebook community is the perfect place to share goals, invite friends, and hold each other accountable.

      11. Try something new

      Break the mold and try something fresh! We personally love to hit up old friends and experience artsy pop-ups. Our personal faves include NYC’s interactive wine experience, Rosé Mansion, and bi-coastal installation, Color Factory.

      12. Spend time with loved ones

        It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the day-to-day that you unintentionally forget about those closest to you. It’s important to make time in your busy schedule to cherish your loved ones during such a special time of the year. 


        Join us for these next 12 days with updates and tips on how to keep your wellness routine no matter how busy your holidays may be! Follow us on Instagram or sign up to our newsletter below to get updates sent right to your inbox! 

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