4 Reasons Traveling Solo Can Be Empowering

As women, young and old, we’re often told and taught about our safety. Whether we’re going on a simple jog or meeting up with a potential date, we’re conditioned to always keep our safety top of mind. So when a woman decides to take a solo trip, there’s always a conversation about how safe that is. Unfortunately, there is a feeling of fear that may creep in, but thankfully, many women have started sharing their positive solo trip experiences. Not only do they mention the excitement and thrill of it all, but there’s also a feeling of empowerment weaved into these stories. Have you been considering a solo trip? If so, you’ll be able to add empowerment to the list of pros after reading this blog post! 

  • The Self-Discovery is Endless
  • Think about it. It’s just you and your new surroundings! For some of us, this may be the first time we’ve been alone in months, and for others, it may be the refreshing setting we need to revitalize. No matter what your situation is, traveling solo is a great time to indulge in self-discovery. You can learn so many new things about yourself and uncover old desires you may have forgotten about. Whether you do it intentionally or not, you’ll definitely be meeting yourself while on a solo trip. 

  • Freedom
  • Ohhhh sweet, sweet freedom. Maybe you’re free from work responsibilities or the intense expectations of people around you, whatever it is, there’s a great deal of freedom that comes with traveling solo. Skip makeup the whole trip or practice a language you’ve been dying to learn. You’re free to do and be what you want to be without the usual pressures of your life around. Remember going on trips and continuously having to compromise the itinerary? Well, when you’re solo, you have the freedom to do the things you enjoy!

  • Confidence Booster/Conquering Fears
  • There’s a common understanding that conquering fears can act as a confidence boost. When traveling alone, you’re faced with multiple opportunities to face fears and synonymously boost your confidence. One of the biggest confidence boosters is actually booking the trip, getting on the plane, and arriving at your destination. While you may be nervous, you’ll feel empowered that you’ve made it that far. From there, you may challenge yourself to have dinner alone or join a known traveling group. And while meeting new people is to be done with caution, it can also be a significant confidence boost.

  • New Skills & New Perspectives
  • Remember when you said you wanted to try photography or maybe get into surfing? With freedom, time, and confidence on your side, exploring new skills while traveling solo can be fun and useful. You’re able to focus and try things without judgment, so why not give it a shot. Exploring a new setting can also open you up to new perspectives. Maybe you’ve never thought about living on the west coast, and now you’re sold, or perhaps a few conversations convinced you to try a vegetarian diet? People often find themselves coming back from traveling with a whole new outlook on life.

    Are you ready to book your solo trip? Whether you’re going to a new city in your home state or a new country, it is possible to have a positive solo trip experience. And don’t forget to pack your June box with you! It’s full of summer travel essentials that will come in handy. Share your solo travel experiences with us in the comments below or on social media @theposebox!

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