4 Ways to Wear Workout Clothes Outside of the Gym

The athleisure look is officially here to stay. Look around you. Men and women alike wear workout attire everywhere from the grocery store to the coffee shop - it’s de rigueur. Even though this is a look we completely stand behind, there are four essential rules to follow when it comes to how you sport the activewear-meets-street combo.

1. Mix fashion with functionality.
Have fun with your activewear, but be sure it’s as functional as it is fashion-forward. Translation: Snag athleisure pieces crafted with performance fabric. For example, compression tights are great because they hold you in without compromising your bum. Literally. Nothing’s worse than bending over in semi-sheer leggings. Plus, performance fabrics are odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, and dry quickly making them the perfect must-have taking you from the locker room to afternoon lunch.
2. Quality over quantity. 
When it comes to owning workout clothing, less is indeed more. So, be sure to invest in quality over simply owning a ton of activewear that becomes destroyed after a single wash. Although you might have to pay a higher price point, it’s well worth it because of the longevity. Think of it as skincare. Sure, you could settle for certain face washes and moisturizers for a cheap price. Nevertheless, you get what you pay for by way of poor ingredients and unsavory results. We’re not saying you can’t find quality activewear for less, but keep in mind most pieces that stand the test of time require a bit of a splurge. 
3. Accessorize, darling!
All it takes is one killer pair of booties or a gorgeous statement necklace to take your look from pilates studio to street. Be warned, though. It’s easy to overdo this one, so keep the words of the iconic Coco Chanel in mind: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” When in doubt, minimalism is the best way to go.
4. Keep it clean.
Patterns on patterns are a great convo starter when it comes to mixing your leopard heels with a floral frock. However, it’s a no-go when it comes to athleisure. If you want to go the printed route, pair patterned leggings with a neutral-hued top. This combo is foolproof and will still leave your ensemble looking unique without totally overdoing it. 

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