7 Small Ways Women Can Motivate and Empower One Another Daily

females are strong

Females are strong as hell, and we’re even stronger when we empower and motivate one another. As women, we face a unique set of daily adversities, and somehow, we're still often looked at the weakest gender. Inside us lives a radiating power that is amplified when we ignite it in each other. Despite this, the task of empowering and motivating one another can often sound a bit intimidating. We wonder if we’re good enough to do it or whether we have enough time, but we’re here to let you know that you can do it every day with the glowing magic that already lives inside of you. 

     1) Send a Motivational Good Morning Text

good morning text
There’s something about waking up to a motivational text that can change the course of someone’s day. Some mornings are worse than others, and everyone is in need of a push sometimes. Sending a thoughtful message to a friend or posting one in the group message is a great way to motivate your girls in seconds. Hearing words of wisdom or encouragement from a friend just might be what someone needs to get out of bed in the morning.

     2) Shoutout or Refer a Girl Boss or Female Owned Business

girl boss
During the day, we’re often asked to give our suggestions or referrals for certain things. Maybe someone you know is in need of an amazing graphic designer or a talented baker. Whatever it is, this is a great opportunity for you to empower another girl boss by suggesting or referring her services or products to the advice seeker. You can also shoutout female-owned businesses on your social media using stories or tweets. Thanks to social media, your tweet about a particular business could yield over 50 retweets and potentials orders, so use your influence to empower a fellow woman on the grind.

     3) Don’t Tolerate Women Bashing Other Women
Women empowerment is becoming more and more of a force to be reckoned with as the years go by, but it still hasn’t stopped us from seeing bashing each other in person and online. Women talking negatively about other women is an unfortunate plague that attempts to attack our drive to support one other. While we may not be able to stop it all at once, we can shut it down when it happens in our presence. So the next time you hear your female coworkers talking negatively about the new hire, remind them that we are much stronger together than we are divided.

     4) Give a Compliment or Two
Or maybe even three depending on how you’re feeling that day. There is so much power in a genuine compliment. Much like a motivational morning text, a random compliment may be the one thing that turns her bad day into a good one, and it's easy to do! Usually, we’re already thinking things like “ Omg, her outfit is so cute” or “She did really well on that presentation” so why not take it a step further and say it out loud. Moral of the story: Never miss a chance to tell a fellow queen she’s doing great!

     5) Give Advice or Try to Help a Woman in Need
giving advice
Let’s be real, life is tough. Especially, when you’re trying to balance a busy lifestyle or weathering the storm of a financial crisis. Sometimes, we’re given a glance of someone who is experiencing a tough time through Facebook posts or even a lunch conversation. Don’t let the ease of turning a blind eye entice you into not helping a fellow woman in need. While somethings may require more help than you can give in one day, you can still try to lend a helping hand daily by answering simple calls for help.

    6) Be Open
sharing stories
Learning from each other is one of the earliest aspects of human nature. Much of what we learned while growing up came from watching or hearing about someone else’s experience. Because of this, opening up about your own experiences can help motivate another woman in the same situation. You can do this in your friend groups, on social media, and in other safe spaces, you feel comfortable in. Of course, we do understand that opening up is not easy for everyone, but when you feel the courage to, remember the good that can come from it.

     7) Shop with Women Empowerment in Mind
The Pose Box
Thanks to socially conscious companies like Round + Square and Make Beautiful, we can support women while making our purchases. Many of these companies donate some or all of their proceeds to organizations that support, empower, and motivate women. Here at The POSE Box, we also incorporate philanthropy into our philosophy. When you purchase a box, we donate a percentage of proceeds to WiNGS to contribute to the world of women entrepreneurs. WiNGS is a non-profit organization that empowers women, fights poverty, and impacts generation by providing the necessary tools and education for women to pursue their entrepreneurial goals and dreams.

So how are you going to empower another woman this week? We're challenging you to pick at least one of our ideas to get started. You can share your experience with us in the comments or @theposebox on social media. Here's to a week of empowering and motivating our fellow woman!

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