7 Warm Weather #ActiveWomanProblems We're Dealing With +Tips to Solve Them

7 Warm Weather #ActiveWomanProblems We're Dealing With +Tips to Solve Them


Sun’s out, sweat out. After months of freezing temps and layered fits, people around the country are welcoming warm weather with open arms. We’re all for spring festivals, summer rooftops, and sundress season, but when it comes to our active activities, the heat can be a burden. Warm weather means higher temperatures and even humidity. When you couple these factors with the sweaty feeling you already have after a workout, it can be a recipe for a not so great summer/spring day. If you are a fellow #activewomen, you’ve experienced these problems first hand and are probably gearing up to battle them as summer approaches.




  • Mosquitos Ruining Your Run

You know that humidity we were just talking about? Well, it tends to awaken those annoying insects we all wish we could avoid. Mosquitos are not only dangerous but annoying as well especially when you’re just trying to enjoy an evening run. You can still be subjected to bites even when your arms and legs are covered, so it can often feel like there’s no way to avoid bites from these critters.


Solution: Try using a mosquito repellant before your run to keep them at bay. The effectiveness of mosquito repellants vary by brand and use, but it's worth a shot.


  • Boob Sweat

Oh boob sweat, we look forward to all the perfectly timed appearances you make during the spring/summer. While the drenched in sweat look is to be expected after a workout, it would be great if we didn’t have to worry about it reaching our sports bra area. Thanks to friction, poor air circulation under boobs, and warmer temperatures, we might even encounter this little issue after a simple walk to the car. There are many suggested solutions to this pesky issue, but it’s important to remember everyone’s bodies do not react the same.


Solution: Check out this list of potential solutions to boob sweat to find one that works for you.

  • Going Up The Stairs in the Heat After Leg Day

If you live in an upstairs apartment or run into stairs for another reason after leg day, then you know the pain of hitting the steps after a killer workout. As if that isn’t bad enough on its own when you add the extra heat from outside to the equation, you might be tempted to just sleep in your car.

Solution: Elevator? 1st-floor apartment? Teleportation? You see where we’re going.

  • Wearing Workout Shorts and Getting Stares

It’s 2019 and unfortunately getting stared at while wearing workout shorts in public is still a thing. For many of us, wearing shorts during the warmer months is a no brainer and while we usually don’t run into many issues while at the gym, the same can’t be said for the places we go afterward.

Solution: Keep wearing your shorts and tell the lookers to put there’s on too.


  • Rocking Updos 24/7 to Keep Hair Off Your Neck

Heat and sweat go hand and hand, and when you’re constantly on the go, you may experience this even more. While our hair usually lays unbothered on our head, the extra added heat can cause our locs to become irritating, especially when it brushes against our neck sweat. Updos during warm weather seasons are less of a choice and more of a necessity depending on where you live. Of course, we can simply let our hair down, but most of the time we don’t care too.

Solution: Let your hair down in the evenings when it’s cooler.

  • Trying Not to Pass Out While Doing Hot Yoga

The beauty of being in nature is so powerful that even heat can’t completely stop us from running outside. Outdoor yoga sessions are still in effect even in the warm months and can be a great way to release some extra sweat. The downside? Spending lengths of time in the heat can take a toll on the body and potentially result in fainting. It is extremely important to stay in tune with your body while enjoying outdoor activities in the heat. 

Solution: If you notice yourself feeling weak or disoriented, retreat inside for a cool down. It’s also very important to stay hydrated when you’re participating in outdoor activities in the heat.

  • Walking to Your Car Is A Warm Up

Even the simplest tasks become daunting when it’s warm outside. What used to be a simple walk to the car is now a form of punishment that ends with sweat. Is it just us or is there something about the heat that makes these walks seem even longer? Other than you valet parking everywhere you go, there aren’t many ways to avoid this problem.

Solution: The faster you walk, the quicker it will be over


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