A Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Life

With the season of rebirth and pleasant weather around the corner, spring cleaning is a topic that's soon to be on everyone's minds, and Twitter feeds. For some of us, this may involve stocking up the thrift store with our latest decluttering frenzy or actively adding a bit of Feng Shui to our homes. What we often miss during this season, is the opportunity to not only spring clean our homes but our life as well. Spring is the perfect time to clean up your inbox, finances or anything else that may stop you from finding your balance this season, and this guide can help you tidy up with ease. 

Spring Cleaning Your DMs/Messages/Emails

Maybe you're the type of person that gives your email out at every store, or maybe you're still holding on to messages from your ex, whatever the case may be, positive things can happen when you declutter your inboxes. There's something about seeing 3000+ unread emails that feels overwhelming, even when you know it's mostly junk mail. Relieve yourself of this feeling by trashing unwanted emails and unsubscribing to emails you have no intention of opening. Another area of your virtual life that could use some cleaning is your messages. You can manually clear out your messages or set your phone to clear out messages after a certain time frame. While you're at it, log in to your social media accounts and clear out any messages that aren't worth keeping. You'll enjoy the feeling of carrying a lighter virtual load when it's all over.

Spring Cleaning Your Diet


If your eating habits are still recovering from the holidays, and Valentine's Day don't feel bad! Now that spring is here you can use the produce of the season as inspiration to change your diet. If dropping dairy or embracing clean eating is one of your goals, create a meal plan that incorporates your goals. Dropping some of your old habits may require are fridge/pantry cleanse or embracing meal prepping to avoid excessive eating out.

Spring Cleaning Your Finances


Speaking of eating out, is your dining out budget eating up too much of your income? Spring cleaning your finances may not be the first thing you think of, but you'll be happy you did it. With your fresh mindset in tow, you can sit down and evaluate your spending habits, bills, and the overall budget you set for the year. You can clean up automated payments or revise your budget to accommodate life changes. Installing apps like Mint, Acorns, and Pocketguard can also help you stay on top of your budget year round so your spring cleaning work won't go to waste.

Spring Cleaning Your Routine


In a society where being busy is almost a requirement, time management is the key to success. As ever-moving women, we are always on the move and constantly looking for ways to get the most out of life. Maintaining a routine is often essential for us, but as life goes on, sticking to a routine becomes challenging. Even the most disciplined planner may have a hard time keeping up with daily gym trips or client meetings. Thanks to spring's interesting effect on us, we can take an insightful look at our life and determine what time suckers we should drop. If you find yourself spending too much time watching Netflix, set aside a healthy amount of TV time that allows you to get your fix without sacrificing your responsibilities. Our time is precious and figuring out the best way to spend it can make our lives a little easier.

Spring Cleaning Your Relationships/Friendships


Now, we're not here to give relationship advice, but if your significant other has been giving you the blues since the holidays, it may be time to sweep them out the door. Spring cleaning your relationships and friendships may be the most emotional cleaning, but the benefits of letting go are worth it. If you're dealing with jealousy or negativity amongst friends, addressing your concerns and ultimately moving on may be what you needed to improve the energy around you. It is important to understand that fully cleaning out a toxic friendship or relationship can take a while, so keep that in mind when you embark on the journey. 

Spring Cleaning Your Spirit


Depending on your spirituality, cleaning your spirit can be the shining light you need to clean other areas of your life. Meditation, prayer, fasting, or cleansing are great ways to clean yourself spiritually. Following these practices can help you release negative energy, reconnect, and find balance. 

Spring Cleaning Your Body

The process of cleaning your body goes beyond cleaning your diet. As we come out of winter, our skin is recovering from periods of dry and flaky skin. Because of this, exfoliating your skin should be at the top of your spring cleaning list. This will allow you to clean out your pores and prepare your skin for a season of changes. Incorporating more water and even doing a safe detox can also help free your body of toxins from last season.

Spring Cleaning Your Vision/Mindset


With cleaning in other areas in motion, you should start seeing a clearer vision of your life. Tossing out old memories and clearing out debts can give you a new perspective on where you see your life going in the future. If you've been feeling disconnected, unmotivated, or cloudy, you can clean out any leftover junk by doing a self-checkup. You may have previously written down notes regarding your life vision, goals, or overall mindset you hoped to uphold and now you can use them to make sure you're still on track. In the course of living, we often stray away from our life goals or ideal vision for ourselves, but thanks to the season of rebirth and rejuvenation we can get ourselves back on track. Reflect, re-evaluate, and set new small goals to help you fulfill your vision. 

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