Beat The Heat: Tips To Workout Outside Without Melting Like a Popsicle

You don’t have to take a summer break from your workout. 

So, you've spent all winter curled up on the couch, drinking hot coco with more marshmallows than necessary, and telling yourself that it’s too cold to workout, but when summer comes you’ll be ready. Now it’s almost August, and you’re debating using the excuse "it’s too hot". The summer heat is definitely something to consider, but the weather shouldn’t keep you from staying in tune with your body and keeping active. When planning your summer workout, keep these five tips in mind to beat the heat and get the exercise you’ve been waiting for.


Your Weather App Is Your Friend

You may have the perfect workout in mind, but the weather says differently. There are some days that are just too hot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t workout. Take these hot days to try something outside of your routine, like water aerobics or a light yoga session under a shady tree. Save those high intensity workouts for a cooler time or later in the day when it’s not as hot. Also check the humidity. Really humid days can keep your body from sweating properly, which will keep you from cooling down.


Time Of Day

Just like great comedy, a good summer workout is all in the timing. When looking at your daily forecast, keep in mind that the “high” of the day is typically around 2pm, when the sun is finally on its way back down. The couple hours before and after noon are when things are really warming up. It’s best to avoid working out outside between 10am to 3pm, when the day is at its hottest. Plan on exercising before or after this time frame, so you can avoid the hot sun and focus on your workout.


Stay Salty

We're talking about electrolytes, not your personality (but hey, you do you!). Your sweat is salty! That means when you sweat, your body is losing electrolytes, including salt, potassium, and calcium. Without getting into the science, your cells need electrolytes to keep your body working at peak performance. Without them, you’ll experience cramps, headaches, and a whole list of symptoms. Try to include foods and drinks with salt, potassium, and calcium into your diet, especially when you’re about to workout. Gatorade is a great option, as is coconut water and Pedialyte.

Hydration Station

You all saw this advice coming, but it’s important that you stay hydrated too. To stay cool the body sweats, which means you need to make up for the difference. You should really be drinking water all day, but try to have a glass around a half hour before your workout and right after you’re done. This way the water in your stomach won’t be sloshing around as you move and you’ll avoid dehydration when you’re finally done sweating.


Dress For Success

It’s a no-brainer that when it’s hot, you want clothes that will keep you cool. When you workout, it’s important that your sweat has somewhere to go so your body can keep cooling down. Light colored fabric, quick dry clothing, and sheer or cut out materials will keep your body heat from getting trapped. Just be sure to wear sunscreen on any skin that's directly exposed to the sun! And if you don’t want to think about spending hours looking for these clothes, that’s where The POSE Box can help you out. We’ll ship you amazing athletic wear right to your door, so you don’t even have to think about it.


Summertime is perfect for spending time outdoors, your workout included. So stay active and pay attention to your body. Summer might turn up the heat, but there are still plenty of ways to keep cool and achieve your exercise goals!

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