How to Stay Uplifted When The April Showers Are Coming Down

We’re in only a few days, and this month is already living up to its reputation. Weekend plans are drenched and going out without an umbrella in your purse is a risky move. It’s no secret that rain can have an effect on our transportation and clothing, but some of us may not realize how much it affects our mood. According to WebMD, feeling down during a downpour is an actual thing that goes beyond what you think you're feeling. One study even found that rain increased the number of negative posts published on Facebook. While the exact cause isn’t 100% known, you can finally be sure your rainy day rants have scientific backing. So how does one stay uplifted when you’re faced with a month’s worth of rainy forecast? Aside from treating yourself to our amazing April box, we have some other tips to get you through.

1). Stick to the Plan

rainy days april showers

We’re all guilty of bailing on a plan when we get that rainy weather notification. And as much as we love a great excuse to curl up on the couch and watch Netflix, it’s important to not blow something or someone off because of a little drizzle. Of course, we encourage you to stay in and stay safe when it’s thundering and lightning, but if the rain is more annoying than it is dangerous, try to stick to any plans that won’t be heavily impacted by it. You know, something like that business meeting or evening HIIT class you missed last week. Aside from ensuring you get your task done, staying active can keep you from falling into the rainy day slumps. Although a little rainy day binge every once in a while doesn’t hurt.

2). See the Light

On a rainy day, it is so tempting to activate your blackout curtains and dim all the lights. It's important to fight the temptation, and still find a way to let some light in. Research shows that light can boost serotonin, which in turn helps to elevate your mood and save you from the rainstorm slump. You can see the light by simply turning on a lap or plugging in your beautiful string light display. This may seem like a small action, but it can do wonders for your day.

3). Get Creative

Let the constant sprinkle inspire you! If you are stuck in the house for the day, use this time to let your creativity run free. You can pick up a journal and write a short story or create your new wall art for your place. Happiness, mood boosters, and creativity are often associated with each other. Many people believe your mood enhances when your creative juices are following. You can also challenge yourself to only use what you already have. Whatever your medium is, you’ll enjoy the reward of having a cool creation to look at when you finish.

4). Tune In

The rainy weather can often put us in our feelings, and while we are trying to avoid falling into the slump, it’s okay to spend a little time tuning in with yourself. Use some of the extra time spent indoors to practice self-discovery, self-love, self-care, and self-awareness. Check the current status of your well-being and figure out what small steps you can take to get to where you want to go or spend some time celebrating the fact that you’re already there. There are many rainy day meditations and yoga routines you can incorporate into your day.

5). Exercise

Whether you are dealing with rain in the morning, afternoon or evening, at some point in your day you can take a few minutes to get your heart pumping. As ever-moving women, we love being active, but we can also fall victim to the rainy weather slump. It’s important to take a second to do that morning HIIT routine or evening indoor cycling class even when the clouds are out. Exercise is a proven endorphin booster and can give you the energy you need to still be productive through the storms.

6). Embrace and Find The Beauty in It

There’s something special about finding beauty in rainy days. One of the keys to staying uplifted through the rain is to not let it get you down in the first place. In a way, it also helps us to train our brains to find the positivity in everything. It reminds us that in life  Instead of letting yourself fall into the “rain is bad” mindset, remind yourself of all the beautiful things that pop up after rain. Remember, April showers bring May flowers.

How do you weather the storm during this time of year? Share your rainy weather tips with us in the comments below or on social media @theposebox_!

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