Make it Past February: 5 Tips for Sticking to Your Goals After The New Year Hype


If your timeline looks anything like mine, then you’ve probably noticed the influx in health, wellness, and personal development conversations. In the span of only a few days, you’ve probably witnessed people committing to a keto diet, swearing off social media, or decluttering. It is beautiful seeing so many people investing in their health and wellness, but the sad part is that for most of them this sudden interest is short lived. A study revealed that 80% of people give up their New Years’ resolutions by February. Why so quick? Well, we can blame it on a couple of things from trends to poor goal planning. But, instead of focusing on what we’re doing wrong, let's talk about what we can do right to work towards our goals all year long.

1) Goals not Resolutions

January is one of the few times out the year that resolutions replace conversations about goals. People often try to use them interchangeably, but the two have major differences. The definition of a resolution is “a firm decision not to do or to do something” while a goal focuses on a person’s ambition or desired result. The basic principle of being able to work towards a goal is much more effective and intentional than the rigid “all or nothing” approach associated with resolutions. If you chose to start a New Years' resolution, make sure you set small goals throughout the year to help you achieve it.  

2) Figure out why

figure out why

So you saw your favorite celebrity vow to start the keto diet this year or maybe your favorite influencer is doing a 'Drink More Water' challenge, whatever the case is you decided to start your resolution right along with them. There’s nothing wrong with feeling inspired or motivated by your favs, but there is a problem when you’re doing it just because they are. You should be able to connect the why behind your New Years' resolutions to a need, want, or desire that lives within you. Knowing the why behind your goals will give you a great foundation to keep striving towards them.

  • 3) Set smaller goals that get you closer to your big ones
  • weekly planner
  • We mentioned this idea earlier, but the importance of setting small goals is worthy of a second mention. Let’s say your 2019 goal is to be more social. Instead of throwing yourself into going out every weekend and burning out by February set a small goal to attend an event every other weekend. Then as you become comfortable add on a goal to meet up with a friend during the weekday. Taking things one step at a time can yield greater results in the end.

  • 4) Share Your Goals and Enlist Some Cheerleaders
  • cheerleaders
  • Sometimes our self-motivation levels run low, and we need a boost from someone on the outside. It is important to share your goals with people you can trust to motivate you when you’re feeling down instead of ridiculing you. Having your own set of cheerleaders not only reminds you that you’re not alone on this journey but that you have people around who genuinely want you to succeed as well. Plus you never know, the person you share your goal with may have a unique opportunity to help you achieve it.

    5)  Enroll in a course or class related to your goalclasses and courses

    Signing up for courses or going to a weekly class can often sound like a big commitment, but when you factor in all of the research and effort you'll have to make to incorporate your goal into your routine; signing up for a course or class can be a lifesaver. Online courses and in person classes offer tons of relevant information, expert knowledge, and a built-in community of others on the same journey as you. If your goal is to become a yogi, start with a beginner’s class and work your way up. If you want to learn new software, save yourself hours of searching Google by enrolling in a Lynda or Alison course.

    Don’t let the negativity surrounding New Year’s goals get you down. Use every doubter or news statistic as motivation to achieve. With these tips, you can sprint pass February and celebrate at the finish line by December. We would love to hear about your 2019 goals! Share them with us in the comment section or on social media @theposebox.  

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