Our Five Favorite Lingerie Brands Owned By Women of Color

 Your taste in lingerie is unique to your fabulous personality. Fortunately, there are so many brands on the market that cater to both the inner vixen and relatably, the need for something chic yet cozy. Furthermore, we’re living in such a progressive time when it comes to “skin is in” with designers setting the tone for body-positive campaigns – that there’s now a huge variety of brands that you can choose from that will suit your style and body type to a T. In our opinions some of the best designers out there are WOC, they’re setting the bar with unique elements and new perspectives on the classic lingerie set. 

Without further ado, here’s our essential list of our five favorite lingerie brands owned by women of color… 

1.  Untamed Lingerie

Having the hottest tagline ever, “There’s nothing tame about sensuality,” Untamed Lingerie offers body inclusive lingerie such as rompers, teddies, robes, and more. Their mission is simple: empowerment for ALL women to embrace the skin they’re in. As the Untamed Lingerie story states: sensuality and sexuality are not limited to women of a certain size or look. We couldn’t agree more. In addition to offering an array of beautiful lingerie styles, the company also hosts uplifting workshops and events. Here for it.


 2. Nubian Skin

As a result of the lingerie market’s lack of skin tone inclusivity, Nubian Skin founder, Ade Hassan, decided it was prime time for “a different kind of nude.” Since a nude bra and skin-like hosiery are wardrobe must-haves for EVERY woman, we are thrilled about this game-changing brand. Stirred by the success of trailblazing women, including entrepreneur Eunice W. Johnson and supermodel Iman, Hassan took a risk and created Nubian Skin. The carefully crafted collection of lingerie and hosiery is designed with the needs of WOC in mind. Whether you are fair or deeply pigmented, this brand provides you with the undergarment essentials you’ll love. On a side note: You know you’re haute (and hot) when you’re enlisted to provide the underpinnings for the Beyoncé Formation Tour, which was a major milestone for the brand in 2016.


3. Proclaim

Another day, another forerunner setting the proper definition of “nude”, but with the popular inclusion comfy undergarments for all skin tones! Three cheers for Proclaim for not only being a sustainable brand, but also an inclusive nude lingerie collection made here in the States! Crafted with super-soft TENCEL, a fabric produced from wood pulp from sustainably managed sources, along with plastic water bottles (!!!), this ethically made line has us deep in our appreciative feelings. With an encouraging mission “founded on principles that fashion should represent all women”, we can’t help but stan.


4.  Nude Barre

CEO + Founder Erin Carpenter put her frustration of the lack of representation in the lingerie industry into action by launching Nude Barre over a decade ago. As a dancer of color, she encountered the challenge of the need to wear required nude undergarments and took to spending hours spray painting her tights to fit the requirement. Realistically, most performers didn’t have the luxury of time and financial expense to meet such demands. Thus, the idea of Nude Barre came to fruition out of necessity. Along with providing women with their right shade of nude hosiery, Nude Barre also stands out because it extends its line to children. Use the company’s super-cool Nudemeter to find your perfect nude!


5.  d.bleu.dazzled

This brand was founded by the spectacular Destiney Bleu, creator of developed Center Court Fitness. Bleu sets the stage (quite literally) in the lingerie game by working with custom crystallized hosiery, lingerie, and performance wear. Bridging the gap between stage and street style, the company supplies women with a touch of dazzling lingerie and cheeky-printed hosiery. You’ve probably noticed some of her designs on A-listers such as Beyoncé (thanks to the Formation Tour), Lady Gaga, Shania Twain, Cardi B's Grammy’s "Money" performance, plus her collaboration with Gucci and Dapper Dan for the MET Gala.



If you love a brand owned by a WOC, then let us know on our contact page! We’d love to incorporate your faves into upcoming boxes.


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