Self Love + Self Confidence = A Sexy You

Self Confidence

As women, our sexiness is often associated with men and their opinions of us. But, our ability to feel sexy ACTUALLY comes from within US. When you love what you see in the mirror despite what you see on magazine covers, you’re one step closer to feeling sexy. When you walk into a party with your least favorite dress on and still know you look good, you are another step closer to a sexy you. Every minute we spend nurturing our self-confidence and self-love puts us closer to feeling sexy. Feeling sexy is not about what your body looks like or how many likes you get on Instagram. It’s about how you feel about yourself, and in this article, we’re putting the equation together for you!


Self Love

Self Love

We see the term “self-love” used everywhere in today’s society. You can find it on wall art and even more often hashtagged on Instagram posts, but what does it really mean. Self-love is described as a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological, and spiritual growth. Self-love is more than simply saying you love yourself, it's actually believing those words. It’s loving yourself through the good and bad times. It’s forgiving yourself for past mistakes and ridding yourself of negative self-dialogue. You recognize your strengths and weaknesses and still manage to say “I love you” when you look in the mirror. Self-love is powerful and that power grows as you journey towards it. The journey is one that comes with its fair share of challenges, but each challenge brings you closer to radiating it. The radiance of self-love is sexy and its the type of sexy no one can take away from you.


Self Confidence

Confident Woman

We hear about the strut of a confident woman all the time. When she walks in a room, her confidence surrounds her in a way that is not boastful, but secure. A confident woman doesn't use her confidence to intimidate other women, but to uplift and move mountains for them instead. But, where does it come from? Is it from years of being told she’s the best? Is it from all the accolades and accomplishments listed on her resume? Those aspects may play a small part in it, but true confidence comes from within. True self-confidence is confidence that cannot be taken away from you by others. It’s knowing you are just as beautiful in sweatpants as you are in a sexy dress. With confidence, you know you can face whatever is thrown at you throughout the day. Self-confidence is noticeable in your posture, the way you speak, and even your eye contact. It is attractive and sends a sense of self-worth to everyone around you.


A Sexy You

Sexy You


So this is where the lace comes in, right? Well, thanks to your self-love and self-confidence, lacy lingerie is just the icing on the cake. Whether you’re wearing it for yourself or someone else is entirely up to you, but remember you’re still a sexy you without it. Many women struggle to figure out the key to feeling sexy, but with this equation, we learn that we have it within us all along. So take some time to rid your closet of everything that doesn’t make you feel confident and write love notes to yourself on your mirror. When you have self-love and confidence in your corner, you’re sexy all the time.

With the month of love around the corner, how do you plan on being a sexy you? We would love to hear about it in the comments below or you can tell us on social media @theposebox_!


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