What’s Inside Our Summer Travel Bag?

Judging by this heat you would have thought summer started weeks ago, but the official start date of this steamy season is this Friday. With the Summer Solstice on our mind and tons of great travel photos inspiring us, we’re ready to hit the road and airports for summer travel. One thing that’s almost as important as our travel itinerary is our travel bag. Whether you’re gone for a weekend or two weeks, what’s in your travel bag can be the difference between a scrambled trip and a well-planned getaway. Luckily, our June Box was curated with summer travel essentials in mind. Join us as we pack our summer bag and show off the “ready to go” items in our June Box!


Breathable Undies

With the heat beating down on us hearing the word “breathable” is like a breath of cool fresh air. Having proper circulation during the sweaty season is not only good for comfortable but health as well. Sweat can lead to terrible smells, embarrassing stains, and even infections, so take our lead and pack a breathable set like this one from On Gossamer. The best part? You can find this set in our June box!


Breezy Sundress

What’s summer without a flowing sundress?! From floral prints to tie-dye, we can’t go without this comfortable yet stylish item. Whether we’re heading out to explore the city or dancing the night away by the beach, we can always count on a sundress to make us look great.








Flexible Activewear

When you love being active as much as we do, taking a vacation doesn’t mean taking a vacation from working out. Even on a relaxing trip, it’s only a matter of time before we find a trail or an amazing yoga spot we want to explore. Because we know ourselves so well, we always pack simple, yet flexible activewear like this set from Onzie Activewear. If you’re just like us, you’ll love this item in our June box!


Chic Tank & Casual Shorts

When we’re not in the mood for a dress, a tank and shorts is our back up summer go to. This cool combo can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories and shoes you choose to pair it with.

Stylish Yet Comfortable Sandals

There are tons of cute sandals out there, but few that can actually check “comfortable” off their list too. Finding a pair of Insta-worthy sandals that are cute and comfortable is like finding a pot of gold. When you find your go-to pair, we guarantee they’ll live in your travel bag.

Versatile Jewelry

Jewelry is an essential key to adorning and accenting any outfit. Bringing your whole jewelry case while traveling is not the best idea, but stashing away a few pieces that look great with everything is something you can definitely get away with. You’ll have more room in your bag and a sure-Fire way to make any outfit pop.


An Active Self Care Product from Asutra

From Magnesium Oil Sprays to Yoga Mat Cleaner, Asutra truly understands the needs of an active woman. Even when we’re on the go, fitting in some time for self-care is crucial. The clean and easy packaging makes it easy to fit one of these items in your travel bag. So grab the one from your June box and throw it in the bag! If you haven’t ordered yours yet, use this code to get $15 off your June Box “June15”.

We’re all packed and ready to hit the road! Have you packed for your summer travels yet? Let us know in the comments below! And, don’t forget to follow us on social media @theposebox_ and subscribe to our mailing list for more summer travel content.

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