Yoga On The Go: Summer Travel Edition + A Downloadable Guide to Some Amazing Poses Perfect For Travel



With our bags packed and our boarding pass in hand, we’re eager to hop the plane and head to new destinations. While traveling is a great source of rejuvenation and excitement, sometimes your daily habits can get lost in the shuffle. From waking up early to figure out your commute to getting back late after a night of painting the city, it can be hard to squeeze in your nightly or morning routines. For many of us, yoga is a daily practice implemented in our morning or night routines, and going without it can seem strange. Luckily, we have some tips and pose suggestions to help you get your practice in while on the go!




Pack Your Activewear

This might seem like a no brainer, but in the frenzy of packing for a trip, we sometimes leave unexpected things behind. Make this easier by grabbing your Onzie Activewear from your June Box and putting it in your travel bag as soon as you receive it. That way, you’ll know it’s always ready to go. 


Downsize Your Routine

For many of us, our morning routine can span from one to two hours long. But when we’re on the go, getting ready for the day can be a rushed activity. If you have a good idea of when your activities for the day will start, try to schedule in a shorter version of your routine. 


Incorporate a Yoga Related Activity Into Your Itinerary 

If you’re a yogi at heart, you may already have a list of must-visit yoga spots in the city you’re exploring. From local classes to yoga sessions in the park, many cities are booming with activities for yogis. Check out local city guides for upcoming events. 


Anything is Better Than Nothing 

Traveling takes a toll on the mind and body, so don’t be hard on yourself if you’re not able to squeeze your full routine in. One of the beauties of yoga is that it’s a flexible activity that requires minimal equipment! If you’re taking public transportation while exploring a new city, you can try a quick Seated Eagle pose or descend into a Warrior II Pose when you reach the top of your hiking summit. With a little creativity, you can squeeze a pose in almost anywhere.


Want to know what kind of poses are perfect for getting rid of aches and pains while traveling? Grab your download below!


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