4 Reasons You'll Love Our April Box

The month of April is known for a few things; layers of pollen on our cars, rainy days, spring festivals, and Easter bunnies to name a few, but overall, it's a pretty casual month for most of us. Since it is springtime, there's a lot of talk about rebirth, revitalization, rejuvenation, and any other "re-" you could imagine. When deciding on a theme for our April box, we pulled inspiration from this and filled it with products to help you reconnect with the things you love. If that's not a good enough reason for you to love our April Box, here are a few more!
1) Activewear That Supports Your Ever-moving Lifestyle
Activewear is a staple for the box, and this month we decided to team up with a brand that understands just how active you are. Whether you're hitting the grocery store on a busy Saturday morning or getting your workout in before a meeting, you need activewear that moves and adapts with your body. That's exactly what NUX focuses on when creating high-quality seamless activewear. Not only does the brand create pieces that cater to your everyday movements, but they also take an artistic approach to each unique style to ensure you confidently stand out wherever you go. Our April Box features three styles from NUX, one for each style personality!
2)  Beauty on Our Mind
Is it just us or does your beauty routine experience a rebirth during the spring? The warmer weather signals a great time to play around with new colors and makeup trends. All the potential new makeup looks on our mind inspired us to include a beauty product in the April box. We partnered with Fat and the Moon, a brand that specializes in herbal self-care for radical beings. You'll find their simple yet amazing chemical-free Lip Paints in your box, ready to satisfy the lipstick lover in you. The ingredients are simple, but the impact is huge, and your lips will thank you for using it.
3) Breathable Lingerie for the Warmer Weather
Breathable Lingerie
Gone are the months of velvet lingerie and latex straps! It's spring, and we're all for airy, breathable pastels and brights that are dainty and sexy at the same time. With 40 years in the lingerie game, Coquette has established itself as a brand that delivers high-quality collections that contain diverse styles and a wide range of sizing while consistently captivating a realistic feminine appeal. Their selection is expansive, but we decided to focus on pieces that captivate our April vibes, like this light pink number.
4) An Opportunity to Give Back
Thanks to our founder's commitment to philanthropy and empowering women, POSE Box subscribers are able to give back to WiNGS through their purchase. WiNGS is a non-profit organization that empowers women, fights poverty, and impacts generation by providing the necessary tools and education for women to pursue their entrepreneurial goals and dreams. So on top of reconnecting with the things you love, you're also helping to give someone the opportunity to do what they love!
So what are you waiting for?! Head over to our Get The Box page and order your April Box now. Share your unboxings with us on social media @theposebox_! 

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