5 Risks You Can Take Today to Add Some Spark Into Your Life

5 Risks You Can Take Today to Add Some Spark Into Your Life

Wake up, Eat, Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat. Running through a routine is common in day to day life. Whether it’s your morning run through before work or your perfectly scheduled day, as humans we often get comfortable with a routine. The benefits of maintaining a routine are great, but there are times when we have a desire to stray away from the norm. Sometimes, we even find ourselves feeling too stagnant or settled in life’s routine, and it can chip away at our motivation and excitement. If you’ve been itching to shake your life up a bit, here are five risks to get you started!

1. Sign up for a Class or Event Related to That Thing You’ve Always Wanted to Do

You have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to terrariums, but you’re not sure you have a green thumb. Instead of continuing to put it off, take a chance! Thanks to the internet and improved lifelong learning centers, starting a new hobby is easier than ever. Sometimes the fear of the unknown can keep us from picking up hobbies we’ve been eyeing, but it is important to remember that there is something to learn in success and failure. If your terrarium takes a turn for the worst, you still accomplished trying something new and probably learned useful information about gardening along the way. If your terrarium is a success, you’ll feel even more accomplished and proud plus it might inspire you to become a full-blown plant mom.  

2) Call That Person You’ve Been Interested in Getting to Know

Have you ever felt drawn to someone? Maybe you always run into them at work or always find yourself on their Instagram page. This feeling doesn’t just occur in a romantic sense, but also when it comes to potential friendships and business partnerships. You may not know it yet, but that person may end up being your future spouse, bridesmaid, or co-founder. The catch is, you won’t know until you start the conversation. Put your fears aside and send that text, DM, or LinkedIn message you've been thinking of. Once you do it, DON’T OVERTHINK, just be open to the flow of the conversation.

3) Take the First Step in Starting Your Own Side Hustle—or Business

There’s a common belief that the first step is the hardest step. For many of us, taking that initial leap towards our dreams and goals can take days, months, or even years to get to. Starting a business or side hustle comes with a lengthy list of pros and cons, but we often allow the cons to talk us out of it. While it is extremely important to be careful and strategic about starting a business, we have to push ourselves to make a move once the plan has been established. Maybe your first step is to reach out to potential vendors for a price quote or to run your potential pitch by an experienced mentor, whatever it is, today is the day to do it.

4) Eat Something Strange

If you’re anything like us, the thought of potentially paying for a meal you won't enjoy is enough to keep you ordering the same thing forever. Let’s face it, we don’t mind our tastebuds getting too comfortable with trusted dishes and cuisines, but we could be keeping ourselves from new favorites on the other side of the menu. There’s something terrifyingly exciting about trying new foods, especially when its' something completely left field like cricket flour or fermented cheese. Instead of doing the usual for lunch, challenge yourself to try something new. If it turns out to be an epic fail, it will make for an interesting conversation at your next gathering, and if it gets a double tap from your stomach, you’ll have a new dish to share.

5) Say Yes

The “Say Yes to Everything” challenge is still very popular, and despite the obvious risks, it does have benefits. Saying yes to things you would typically say no to opens you up to a whole new world of possibilities. It is however extremely important to exercise a bit of caution in doing this, but don’t let overthinking hinder you from embracing the challenge. Accept the invitation instead of saying no to that Soul Cycle class your friend keeps inviting you to, plus it will give you a reason to show off your POSE Box activewear.  Wear that dress you’ve been talking yourself out of for months. You’ll be surprised at all the great things you’ve been holding yourself back from.

There are so many other small risks you can take today to shake up life’s routine, but these five are a great way to get started. What risks are you going to take this week? Share them with us in the comments below or on social media @theposebox! And don’t forget to grab your April box before you start your journey, it will definitely come in handy.

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