A Box With Benefits

A box that’s sexy and fun. The box you can count on showing up, encourages you to move, and you can’t wait till next time. The box that knows what you like and makes your life a little better each time.

Really, The POSE Box should be your box with benefits.

The POSE Box sends you bi-monthly deliveries of amazing athletic wear, lingerie, and other goodies. But I can hear you asking yourself, “Do I really need a subscription box? Can’t I just make run to Target instead?”

To answer your question: do whatever your heart desires! But before you add a Target run to your errands list, here are five benefits of subscribing to The POSE Box:

Money Money Money

Mamma Mia!, anybody?

Have you ever complimented someone on their shirt, only to hear, “Thanks, I got it for like $5 at xxx.” Maybe you’ve said the same thing. And it makes sense: why pay more for the same thing when you don’t have to?

Our subscription box is more than the sum of its parts-- it’s actually less. If you were to look for every piece we put in your box, you’d be paying about $180 (not including gas). But our box is only $89.95.

If You Like Surprises (And Even If You Don’t)

It’s like Christmas in August. And October. And then again in December. When you get your POSE Box delivery every other month, we’ll surprise you with new unique pieces. If you love surprises and treating yourself, subscription boxes are an easy way to keep on giving.

But some people don’t like surprises. Like me, who has googled the plots of scary movies while sitting in the theater (I’m not proud, but I’m not sorry either!). But you don’t have to love surprises to love The POSE Box. You choose your style of box, so you won’t get a sheer brallette when you needed a high-intensity sports bra. Bottom line: we want you to love your box!

Straight to Your Door

Remember that one time you found the perfect shirt! Oh, except it wasn’t in your size. Remember you’re awesome all black outfit? Oh, but the blacks didn’t match (seriously, why do they never match).

With The POSE Box, you don’t have to go to ten different stores to find clothes and accessories. We package up great pieces and send them right to your door. And yes, all of our two-piece outfits match. Our bi-monthly deliveries are convenient and take the complex out of shopping.

These are all things The POSE Box offers, but there are a couple more benefits that are unique to us:

Discover Brands

With giant retail corporations today, it’s so easy to accidentally wear the exact same thing as someone else. To avoid that “who wore it better” situation, many of us look for smaller brands to find unique pieces.

The POSE Box picks original pieces from a variety of niche brands, so our customers can have personalized wardrobes. We look so you don’t have to.

Giving Back

In our last blog, we talked about our partners at WiNGS and the exciting yoga program our Founder organized for them. WiNGS is a non-profit that helps low-income women succeed as women, people, and professionals. With every box we sell, we donate a percentage to WiNGS. The POSE Box wants to support all women, no matter her goals or background, and we help make that happen with your subscription!

These are just a few of many benefits of box subscriptions. Yes, we love Target too, but The POSE Box offers a unique experience with you in mind. You’re probably someone who thinks outside the box and when you subscribe to The POSE Box, you won’t be able to stop thinking about what’s inside.

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