The POSE Box Gives You WiNGS

It goes without saying that The POSE Box isn’t an energy drink, but when you subscribe to The POSE Box, we donate a percentage to our partners at WiNGS. This dedicated non-profit makes it their mission to support low-income women through personal and professional development programs that help women reach their goals, both inside and outside the workplace. You can check out their website here.

What Does WiNGS Do?

Great question! No one can answer that better than they can:

“Our mission is to empower women, fight poverty, and impact generations. WiNGS provides women the tools and resources to become strong mothers, successful in the workplace, and financially secure.”

The non-profit supports women through three main programs:

WiNGS Finance & Career Program includes financial education, asset building, and workplace skills training.

WiNGS Nurse-Family Partnership Program pairs mothers with Bachelor-degree nurses for two or more years to mentor women through pregnancy and caring for their families.

WiNGS Women’s Enterprise Center offers all-encompassing business training through “technical assistance, mentor-ship, a peer community, capital, and hands-on support.”

Volunteers are trained in business mentor-ship, financial coaching, or teaching, and are well-equipped to contribute to these programs. 

Our Founder and WiNGS

Our founder was a WiNGS volunteer when she lived in Dallas, mentoring low-income women in the Enterprise Center. She was a source of encouragement and guidance for these emerging professionals, and continues to stay involved since leaving the city.

Eager to combine her love of yoga and giving back, she has recently organized yoga classes for WiNGS women! Taking the initiative, our founder recruited three yoga instructors and donated yoga mats and blocks for weekly yoga classes at WiNGS.

With proper instruction, these women now have access to all that yoga has to offer. Building strength, reducing stress, and increased energy are just a few benefits that can further empower these women. 


Some people say that when you find a dime on the ground, an angel gets their wings. There are many variations of this phrase, like “every time a star twinkles” or “whenever a bell rings”, but the meaning is the same. No matter who you are or what you believe, we can agree that making a difference is an amazing feeling. Through our partnership, every dime helps another woman find her WiNGS.

Your subscription matters! While you empower yourself, you’re empowering other women. If you live in the Dallas area and are interested in volunteering, you can reach out to WiNGS. Their email is, or you can call them at 214-584-2316. We're proud of our partnership, because at The POSE Box we want to build a community that supports all women!

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