4 Simple Ways to Incorporate Self Discovery Into Your Routine

At some point in your life, you’ve probably been asked to tell someone about yourself. Maybe you immediately stare off into space and have a moment of realization that you don’t know yourself very well at the moment. As kids, we were encouraged to discover ourselves through child development activities but as we grow up we get caught up in the daily hustle and often find ourselves ignoring how important it is to incorporate self-discovery into our lives. Having a true understanding of yourself is something that can make a huge difference in the way you live your life. Being aware of how you function and what makes you-you can impact your career, relationships, and mental health in a positive way. But how do you embark on the journey to self-discovery? Well, it doesn’t always take a month-long backpacking trip through nature. You can actually incorporate self-discovery into your current routine right now with these four simple tips. 


Remember the little diary you used to keep when you were little? Imagine how insightful it would be if you sat down and read it. You could awaken childhood dreams you forgot about or see where your 'always fashionably late' habit started.  That’s the beauty of journaling! It allows you to take a peek inside your mind and release your thoughts on paper. And once you’re done, you can go back and read about what you were thinking or doing that day or year. Taking a look into your past can help you make changes for your future, so grab a journal in your favorite color and start writing. 

Take a Personality Test

personality test

While the ones on Buzzfeed are fun, taking a real personality test like the Myers Briggs test can open your eyes to aspects of yourself you never realized. If you answer openly and truthfully, you should end up with results that are shockingly accurate. Maybe you didn’t realize that you’re a natural problem solver or maybe you’ve always wondered if a career in politics is right for you. When you get the results from your test you’ll learn about your characteristics, temperament, ideal careers and more. Having this information can lead you even deeper into your self-discovery journey and help you better understand the decisions you make.


Create Something or Solve a Problem

You may already do this on a daily basis but try being more aware of how you actually do it. When we create or solve a problem, different sides of our inner self come out to get the task done. You may find that you’re a quick learner when you’re faced with the challenge of learning how to work a new product. Or maybe your constant drawings of beaches is a sign you’re destined to live on an island. There’s something to learn about yourself even in the most mundane activities.

Spend Time With Yourself

Set aside a few minutes in your day to close yourself off from everything and enjoy your own company. You can spend this time meditating or going for a walk. In those few minutes, you can be fully focused on what’s going on at that moment and how you feel. Pay attention to what’s on your mind when it’s free from distraction. You may realize you’re not happy in your current situation or that there’s something you’ve been longing to do.


The journey to discovering yourself is a unique one that was made just for you. There’s no cookie cutter way to go about it, but incorporating these simple activities can help you get started. You may run into roadblocks or uncover areas that haven’t been tended to in years while on your journey but all of the ups and downs will lead to you living a more authentic life that's true to you. 

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