How to Feel More in Control of Your Health

While you may know that taking care of your health is important, you may not feel in control when it comes to doing that. Information overload and mental exhaustion can leave you overwhelmed about the prospect of taking care of yourself. However, you can make this task much easier by breaking it into parts.

Get to Know Your Body

No two bodies are exactly alike. The diet and exercise plan that works for someone else may not work for you at all, so it's important to get to know your body before you make a plan for your health. Knowing your body helps you feel more in control, and there are many ways to get know what does and doesn't work for you. Looking through your own medical record can bring many benefits. Medical records contain blood test results and past exam summaries that will clue you into your health needs. It's also wise to track how you feel after eating certain foods. What exercise makes you feel the best? Find out what works for you, and use that information to personalize your health plan.

Create a Plan

Moving forward without a plan will put you in a stalemate at best and cause problems at worst, so once you get to know your body, create a plan you can follow. Create meal plans with the results you want in mind. If your goal is to cut carbs, outline a plan that will do this and find a way to track your results. The same goes with exercise. Create a fitness plan that incorporates workouts you enjoy that accomplish the goals you want to achieve. Not everyone wants to run a marathon, so make sure you are training for what you actually want to do. Put your plan in writing to see better results.

Find Accountability

Having a plan is great, but having accountability in place is even better. Not many people are disciplined enough to meet health goals on their own. Ask people in your life to help you stay on track or even look for a fitness group with the same goals so you can encourage each other. Accountability can also come in the form of checkups. If you want to lower your cholesterol through exercise and diet, make sure you set an appointment to have your blood tested so you can see your progress. 

Taking care of your health is a lifelong task that takes commitment. It's easier to do when you break it into parts and check your progress regularly. Make new goals as you reach old ones for lifelong progress.

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