How to Turn Your Skin Care Routine Into A Self Love Practice

Skin Care

We don’t think about it often, but our skin endures a lot while moving around with us throughout the day. It’s no secret that our skin is our body’s largest organ and because of this, it spends most of the day protecting every inch of us from the dangers trying to sneak in. Between covering it with foundation and the germ-filled things we rub up against daily, our skin is in need of a big hug by the end of the day. That hug can come in the form of lathering up with lotion or scrubbing away our stress in the tub. Skin care’s relationship with self-care is well understood, but what some people don’t realize is that it’s a form of self-love too. Due to our busy schedules, we spend a lot of time rushing through things like washing our face and putting on lotion. In doing this, we’re missing out on a simple way to incorporate more self-love into our routine. Thanks to a few of our simple tips, you don't have to miss out anymore. Grab your favorite essential oil, set your timer, and get ready to love on yourself!

Take It Slow

Yes, we know you still have a thousand more things to do before you go to bed at night, but your skin will thank you if you take a few minutes to love on it. You can extend your shower time with a body scrub or add a face mask to your skincare routine. The key is to set aside the time to enjoy it and be present in the moment. Try to avoid scrolling through your feed or responding to emails while “relaxing” in your face mask. Train your mind to not think of this as time wasted or time better spent doing something else. There is value in slowing down even when we are busy. And in this practice, that value comes in the form of providing your skin with the care it desperately needs so that it can fight harder for you the next day.

Incorporate Organic Products


Although we can’t fully control all of the elements impacting our skin, we can control what we put on it. A quick walk down the beauty aisle reveals the abundance of options we have for everything from cleansers to makeup wipes. What’s not so obvious is the sometimes harmful ingredients that live inside some of these products. In order to get our self-love skin care routine just right, we must use products with loving ingredients. Researching and incorporating organic products can be a great way to ensure you're doing this. Brands like this month’s featured brand, Moonbeam Body Therapy are committed to creating handmade organic and cruelty-free products to assist you on your self-love journey.  You can find a list of more organic brands on The Good Trade.

DIY Something for Your Skin

Making something

DIYing your own skin care creation is a great way to say “I love you” to your protective barrier. You can find a ton of recipes for face masks, body creams and more on Pinterest to help you get started. Coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils will be your best friends. Most of the recipes are made up of these ingredients and others you may already have in your pantry. You would be surprised by the number of things you can create with honey! One of the biggest benefits of making your own products is that you can fill them with the ingredients you love. There’s something special about using something you made, and your skin will appreciate you going the extra mile. 

Recite Affirmations


For the ever moving woman, it can be difficult to take our minds off our never-ending to-do list. Even when we try to focus on acts of self-love and self-care, we’re often distracted by our busy brains telling us what we should be doing. A great way to combat this is to create a list of affirmations to recite while you’re lathering on your handmade body cream. The affirmations can be about your skin or about self-love in general. Scrub away your self-doubts as you whisper you strengths to yourself. Rinse off your worries as you remind yourself of the bright future that lies ahead. This is an intimate experience that should be approached with awareness. Speak life and love into your skin through your affirmations and watch your skin radiate from your words. 

This is only the start of something your skin will really thank you for. Our body’s barrier deserves to be nourished with love and great products. Plus, you'll have radiating self-love to match your radiating skin.  Which of these tips will you get started with? Let us know in the comment section or on social media @theposebox_.

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