6 Beautifying Foods You Should Put On Your Grocery List +Recipes to Try!

Beautifying bowl

Have you ever heard the saying ”what you put into your body is what you get out of your body”? It's a common message we quickly scroll past on Instagram or hear from our ultra healthy friends, but it's time we start listening. Everything from certain diseases to the little breakouts on your face can be caused by what we're putting in our body, specifically food. We love checking out #cheatdayfoods just as much as the next person, but those foods do little to help us maintain our health. The effects of food on our overall health are well known, but what's not so well known is the effect food can have on beauty. The topic of "eating for beauty" is one that has gained attention in recent years thanks to the release of books like Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty Inside and Out and Eating for Beauty. The common message in both of these books is that certain foods you eat can help enhance your appearance. Before you grab a handful of strawberries in an effort to give yourself a permanently pink pout, take a minute to read through our list of suggested beautifying foods and their benefits. Plus, we even threw in a few recipes to help you get going!

        1) Carrots


Maybe rabbits are actually on to something. Carrots are packed with nutrients and carotenoids that not only reduce your skin's sensitivity to UV rays but also assist with clearing breakouts. Carrots are also great for your eyes as well, just don't eat too many or you may start looking like a beautiful Oopma Loompa.

           Recipe to try: Carrot Salad with Lemon Honey Dijon Dressing

        2) Salmon


The color, the quick cook time, and its compatibility with almost any dish are some of the many reasons to love salmon. And as if you needed any more, salmon also does wonders for the skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Aside from just helping reduce your breakouts, salmon also helps keep the face toned and firm by strengthening cells. Now, you have the perfect rebuttal when someone asks why you eat salmon for dinner every night.  

            Recipe to try: Salmon with Avocado Salsa

        3) Oysters


Oysters are often prescribed by Dr. Love for their aphrodisiac substance, and surprisingly, Dr. Skin is writing prescriptions for them too. Oysters are a bit of a wild card and let's be honest, probably one of the least liked foods on this list. Many people stray away from their slippery, rubbery nature, but they're missing out on all the wonderful benefits packed into their shell. Zinc is the key ingredient behind oysters beauty related benefits. Slurping a few of these shells can not only help increase the fullness of your hair but also strengthen your nails as well. And the best part is, you can get a day's worth of zinc from three oysters. If you close your eyes and plug your nose it'll be easier than you think, trust us.

           Recipe to try: Oysters with Pickled Watermelon Rind Mignonette

        4) Turmeric


Known for its beautiful color and pungent smell, turmeric is already an ingredient in many of our favorite face masks and cleansers. And while it does work beautifully on from the exterior, it can do just as much when ingested. If you find yourself faced with inflammatory-related skin issues, turmeric should be a staple in your diet. This soft powder is anti-inflammatory and great at keeping the skin fresher and younger looking. Guess it's finally time to try moon milk after all. 

           Recipe to try: Moon Milk

        5) Almonds


A pocket full of almonds might just be the equivalent of a pocket full of sunshine. These magnesium-rich nuts can help you get healthier hair and nails. Magnesium also helps improve your skin's overall appearance and snacking on almonds is a great way to make sure you're getting enough of it. Unfortunately, Almond Joys don't count. 

           Recipe to try: Cocoa Roasted Almonds

        6) Guava


It's no surprise that this pretty fruit can positively impact your beauty. Aside from being tasty and downright gorgeous, guavas also have a ton of beauty benefits. If you're having issues with premature aging, guavas can provide relief thanks to all of its vitamins C.  Guavas can also give you a healthy glow that highlighter cannot. So throw it in a smoothie, bake it in a tart, or eat it as is.

            Recipe to try: Raspberry & Guava Smoothie Bowl

If you're feeling hungry after reading this article don't feel ashamed, we are too! Thankfully, we can go to the grocery store armed with new knowledge and new recipes that will satisfy our hunger and beautify us simultaneously. What recipe are you planning to try? Let us know in the comments or on social media @theposebox_! You can also subscribe to our email list to join #ThePoseBoxCollecive and its community of ever-evolving women. 

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