6 Wellness Retreats On Our Bucket List

We’re not even halfway through the year and we could already use some major TLC. If you’re anything like us, then you’ve probably found yourself living through people’s #instavacations lately. The weather is warming up and the extra hours of sunlight are motivating us to go outside. Here at The POSE Box, we love wellness and one of our dream vacays is to spend a week at a wellness retreat. Thanks to the increased conversation around wellness, there are tons of wellness retreats and hotels adopting wellness routines all over the world. Here’s a list of the ones we can definitely picture ourselves gaining our balance at.

1). Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, Miami Beach

carillon hotel

Aside from being in one of the most beautifully refreshing cities in the US, the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort has a whole wellness program guests can tailor to fit their needs. They offer three-day luxury 3-day luxury wellness retreats tailored to wellness topics like awareness and awakening your inner goddess.If you’re interested in exploring your emotional health, onsite therapy and counseling sessions are available. You can also attend wellness lectures that include tea with energy healers and journaling workshops. Did we mention the resort is an all-suite facility with rooms so beautiful that even the call of fresh avocado toast can’t get you out of bed fast enough?  If our obsessing isn't enough to make you book a flight to Miami, maybe them being voted the #1 resort in Florida by Conde Nast Traveler is. 

2). Miraval Austin Resort & Spa, Austin, TX

 miraval resorts

Texas is much more than bbq and horses! People assume a lot about The Lone Star state, but this wellness retreat in Austin shows a different side of the state. Located in the heart of Texas Hill Country, the Miraval Austin describes itself as a life-enhancing sanctuary. Guests at the resort can engage in daily activities like guided meditations and stand up paddle adventures. Whether you choose to stay in a room or a suite, you’ll feel the commitment to providing a true wellness experience in each room.

3) Eaton DC, Washington DC

eaton dc

Eaton DC takes a unique approach to their wellness program. The hotel caters to travelers seeking inspiration, innovation, and impact. The Eaton DC experience begins as soon as you hit the door thanks to their carefully cultivated decor. Guests at Eaton DC can enjoy Eaton Wellness, a wellness program inspired by new age practices and experiential learning traditions. You can sign up for comprehensive therapy or schedule in some time to tune out the city during their Thriving Mindfully in the City services. When you’re not busy enjoying the wellness activities, you can take a peek at Eaton Cinema, Eaton Radio, and their collection of rare and radical books.

4) Plant Your Intentions Retreat at The Alohilani Resort, Honolulu, Hawaii 

alohilani resort

A trip to Hawaii already has rejuvenation written all over it and when you add in a stay at the Alohilani Resort you get the full experience. The resort nesteled on Wakki Beach offers a special “Plant Your Intentions Package” rooted in self-discovery and transformation. Activities include extended astrology readings, guided visualization sessions with a life coach, and a chance to plant your own trackable native tree. Planting your tree, planting your intentions… get it? Aside from their wellness package, The Alohilani Resort features serene oceanfront guest rooms and an infinity pool deck.

5) Mii amo, Sedona, Arizona

mii amo spa

Can somebody say aesthetics?! Before we get into the amazing wellness work happening at this spa, we have to acknowledge the beautiful scenary surrounding it. Mii amo is set within the soaring red rock backdrop of Sedona, Arizona. The location itself looks like something out of one's imagination and the spa carries this into the facility. The team at Mii amo is committed to helping guests through a journey that can be catered to your specific needs and intentions. You can choose between the recharge, renew, and rejuvenate journeys based on the length of your stay. And let’s just say after seeing their sauna room, our stay is going to be long.

6) Amanyara, Turks & Caicos

amanyara resort

Sometimes, we really need a true getaway and this resort in Turks & Caicos is a great one. The Amanyara Resort checks off all our boxes for a peaceful wellness getaway. The location is serene, has an outdoor yoga sala, and an onsite Nature Discovery Center. If reconnecting with nature fuels your wellness philosophy, then you’ll love how The Amanyara blends nature and luxury throughout the whole resort. You can schedule a guided hike one day and a sun salutation treatment the next. We’ve already picked our ideal schedule on the site multiple times. #manifestation

yoga retreat

Thanks to research, technology and the sharing of knowledge, we can work on our wellness daily, but nothing beats being able to spend a whole stay at an actual retreat. There is something powerful and intentional about the experiences provided and we can’t wait to fly over to one of these locations. Whenever we go, we know we’ll be bringing our April box with us. It provides all of the necessary items needed to get the most out of a retreat experience. If you haven’t ordered your April box yet, new customers can receive 15% off your first box using code WELCOME! Also, share your thoughts on our wellness retreat bucket list with us in the comments or on social media @theposebox_.


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